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April 23, 2014

Amazing Explanations Why the Serenity Prayer Will Help Men and Women in Recovery from Addiction

Amazing Explanations Why the Serenity Prayer Will Help Men and Women in Recovery from Addiction

Acceptance as The Important Thing to Happiness

The serenity prayer reminds the average person of the significance of acceptance. Human beings are able to exert an influence on the planet, but there are lots of things that they've no power over. For instance, there may be very little that an individual can do to affect the way other people think. This inability to alter some aspects of life can leave people feeling frustrated and filled with self pity. The person may have used this justification phrase that _life's not fair_ to warrant their alcohol or drug abuse. Attempting to fight from the way things are is a total waste of energy and it may only ever result in suffering. Men and women find happiness just by accepting and dealing with those things they are not able to change.

The Serenity Prayer Gives Solace When Times Are difficult

When individuals quit an addiction it does not mean that they'll get a free ride in everyday life going forward. The sober person still needs to face day to day reality, which means dealing using the bad times along with the good. When times are hard the individual can start to question things. They might even begin to wonder if staying sober is well worth the effort. By taking into consideration the serenity prayer the individual will find inner strength. They are able to accept the unique circumstances as what they need to work with and take it from there.

Developing Faith in Recovery

Developing faith in recovery does not mean how the individual is likely to adopt any particular religious ideas. It's referring to confidence in the concept that when people do the right things it'll mean the right things may happen to them. You will see a great deal in life that the person has no control over, however the fact that they are trying to live a better life should mean that their life will improve. It is only by developing this faith in recovery that the person is able to start developing some serenity.

It requires Courage to Develop a New Life

The key reason why so many people settle for any less than perfect life is fear. There's comfort in the familiarity even if the individual is experiencing suffering. Change means taking one step into the unknown, and never everyone will expect you'll take this step. To ensure that the individual to flee the misery of addiction they will have to be brave. They will even need courage to maintain on making the needed changes that will lead these phones a better life in sobriety.

Need for Becoming Wise in Recovery

In Alcoholics Anonymous the members will sometimes talk about how exactly _their best thinking got them drunk_. This really is pointing out the truth that despite a propensity to arrogance addicts don't tend to have much wisdom. It doesn't mean that they lack intelligence, but their behavior does suggest they have lost the capability to make good decision. When individuals first become sober they can continue to fall victim to illogical thinking. In recovery they can be cultivated enough wisdom in order to make better decisions.

Serenity Means Developing Equanimity
Carl Yung once suggested that:

A happy life can't be without a way of measuring darkness, and the term happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It's far better start out as they attend patience and equanimity.

Equanimity can be explained as [mental or emotional stability from the deep awareness and acceptance from the present moment]. It's closely related to serenity, and when an individual is promoting serenity they will likely also have developed equanimity. Spiritual seekers will frequently use techniques for example [meditation] to enable them to develop equanimity. This means that they deliberately focus their attention about the present moment without passing judgment on it. The introduction of equanimity is of particular importance to Buddhists and Hindus.

The Serenity Prayer Empowers The Person

What in this prayer are not just about acceptance but also about empowerment. It reminds the man or woman who there are a lot of things that they can change, and they should take action when such actions will improve their life. The serenity prayer redirects the individual’s energies away from things from their control and towards those activities that they can control.

Increased Contact using the Spiritual

Many people do view recovery like a spiritual path. This prayer reminds them that they're not taking this journey alone – they are able to rely on a greater force if they simply have faith. Once the individual hands over those stuff that are beyond these phones a higher power it lightens their load significantly. Which means that they can move forward with their journey feeling supported. The person may not possess the strength to overcome every obstacle in life, however their higher power may have this strength.

Serenity Power and Positive Thinking

There's a great deal of positivity contained within the few short lines from the serenity prayer. It suggests how the individual can possess a positive impact on the future. It also points towards the idea that higher forces are in work. Those stuff that the individual recognizes as beyond their control may actually lead these phones great things when they just learn to simply accept. There is a lot of evidence to claim that thinking positively puts the individual in a situation where they are prone to find success in everyday life. Negative thinking (also called stinking thinking) ought to be avoided in recovery because it may easily lead to relapse.

Serenity Prayer and Humility

To ensure that people to find success in recovery it is essential that they [develop some humility]. Which means that they have developed the capability to accept their own limitations and weaknesses. Humility is the alternative of arrogance. The person makes the amazing discovery that by accepting their own weaknesses they become stronger. The reason being when people are arrogant they're unable to learn anything new, plus they regularly end up _from their depth_ simply because they have overestimated their abilities. There's nothing wrong with admitting weakness – the truth is it is the important thing to success.

April 20, 2014

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism and Near Death Experiences - NDE's

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism and Near Death Experiences - NDE's

a) The Act or An Instance of Transforming : Experiences That permit People to Get away from Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Those men and women who are stuck in the suffering of destructive addictions typically feel not capable of escaping their circumstances. A few do attain a stage exactly where they feel ready to stop however too many people follow substance abuse to the deadly end – this signifies madness or destruction. For individuals who are ready to stop the insanity of their addictions, they have to experience rock bottom in their life. Such people will certainly claim that they just became _sick and tired of being sick and tired _, and this gave them the actual courage to change. There are some other individuals who avoid addiction due to some transformative event in life. One such encounter can be the actual near death experience.

b) Near Death Experiences (NDEs) Explained

Near death experiences (NDEs) reference [various experiences the person may have as they approach death]. The most talked about of the experiences occurred to individuals who were [medically dead (cessation of blood circulation and also breathing)] but who are brought back out of this by professional medical intervention. Many people believe that NDEs are proof of life after death but the existing scientific consensus is because they are just hallucinations induced by the brain to allow humans to manage better with their own death. The one factor that most people do agree on is the fact that near death experiences do happen. One study suggests that as much as [17% of the population in the United states of America experienced an NDE. This ensures that each day about 800 individuals will have this experience in the US alone.

c) Elements of a Near Death Experience

There are variations in the way that people have these kinds of near death experiences, but the most [common characteristics] contain:

1) Many individuals report an [out of body experience] where they can observe their body as though looking from above. These people will also get the sense they are floating away from their body – some people even claim to go outside the building where their physical body is located.
2) There can be a feeling of great peace and love. The individual isn't afraid of what is happening to them.
3) Experience of moving through a tunnel.
4) The individual feels like they are moving through night towards a vibrant light.
5) The person feels like they've arrived in a brand new place where the landscape appears significantly different than the normal world.
6) The person feels loved without condition.
7) Many of those who have an OBE claim they developed much better mental clarity. Additionally , it feels like they could think faster as well as absorb more information than normal.
8) There is generally some type of life review in which the person gets to be able to relive all their particular experiences. This life review also permits the individual to know how their activities impacted other men and women.
9) Many individuals claim that they meet departed loved ones.
10) Encountering beings made of light.
11) The man or woman may experience a flood of details about the nature of reality.
12) The person may be told that they have to return to their body. Most people will describe how they felt an incredible reluctance to go back.
13) Many aspects of the NDE appear to be swayed by the person’s cultural expectations.
Not everyone who may have a near death experience will explain it positively. Many people describe vivid terror and encountering creatures that were nasty in nature. They could even believe they've found their way to hell. This negative type of near death experience is relatively rare – [about 4% of all recorded NDEs.

d) Reasons for Near Death Experiences

Near death experiences are taking as proof of the afterlife by lots of people. It is probably reasonable to hold such a view as the phenomena associated with near death experience never have been thoroughly explained. The most effective scientific explanations for why NDEs take place include:

1) Lots of the experiences connected with the near death experience or NDE are similar to what can be found in [lucid dreams]. Experts of this description would point out that people that have a lucid dream are aware they are dreaming while people having a near death experience do not believe this.
2) Another highlight is the claim that NDEs are as a result of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in the brain. The issue with this argument is that not every person who has an OBE will end up being hypoxic and not every person who is hypoxic will experience an NDE.
3) It is said that the brain releases hormones such as endorphins to assist humans deal better with their nearing death. This claim makes sense, but it doesn’t manage to fully explain the experiences of people who have an NDE.
4) Another claim is that the pineal gland emits a large serving of a hallucinogenic drug known as DMT to individuals that are dying. There is insufficient proof to support this kind of claim.
5) Researchers claim that the particular NDE is simply an inbuilt [coping mechanism] that the mind had produced to deal with approaching death.

The biggest dilemma encompassing near death experiences is when they occur. If they happen right after the brain has stopped functioning then this would certainly imply that consciousness survives death. Scientists believe that all of the phenomena of an NDE take place while the brain is still working but this has not yet been proven.

e) Alcoholism and Drug Addicton and the Near Death Experience

Occasionally substance abusers may have a near death experience. This may appear as a result of [alcohol poisoning] or perhaps a drug overdose. Additionally , there are some individuals that experience an NDE during a suicide attempt. Just a small minority of addicts who have a brush with death will remember having NDEs, but they could be quite transformative encounterss. Even those who've a negative NDE can realize that it gives all of them a strong inspiration to change the way they live.

f) NDEs as a Spiritual Experience

Near death experiences could be highly transformative for those individuals who have them. Many of those who have such encounters will build up a whole brand new attitude towards existence. These individuals will frequently claim to have completely lost their particular fear of passing away and feel more confident in life. Whoever has been addicted to alcohol or drugs find it easy to break their addiction. Such individuals will most likely develop increased concern for other people and dedicate themselves to a more spiritual way of life. There have even been cases of successful business owners who gave this all up following an NDE.

g) Addiction Recovery Following a Near Death Experience

There are a small minority of individuals who are able to break away from their addiction following a near death experience. Afterwards such people will have a new outlook on life and no longer feel the need to abuse alcohol or drugs. There are other addicts who experienced different [spiritual encounters] that didn’t involve almost dying but that still manages to provide them with the motivation simply to walk away from their own self-destructive way of life. The majority of men and women will never have such experiences, however they can still break away from the anguish of substance abuse if they accept is as true will lead them to a better life. It is certainly not a good idea to wait for such experiences to take place before getting sober because the it's almost guaranteed that people will perish while waiting.