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Wheat is an Opiate and Addictive The UNhealthy Whole Grain

Wheat is an Opiate and Addictive - The UNhealthy Whole Grain The wheat of today is not the wheat of our mothers or grandmothers. Modern wheat is the product of genetic manipulations that have transformed its properties. Modern wheat is now a 2-foot tall, high-yield semi-dwarf strain, different in both appearance and multiple biochemical features from traditional wheat. Introduction of this new strain of wheat was associated with the appearance of a long list of health problems, along with weight gain and diabetes. According to Dr. Davis, saying goodbye to all things wheat provides outsized and unexpected health benefits, from weight loss, to relief from acid reflux and bowel urgency, to reversal of diabetes, migraine headaches, and learning disabilities in children.

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  wheat an opiate  addictive  the unhealthy whole grain  health problems  learning disabilities in children  

wheat an opiate, addictive, the unhealthy whole grain, health problems, learning disabilities in children


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